Benefits of caring for your pet in the comfort of their home:

1.  Stress is a major cause of colitis (diarrhea), high blood sugar, and delay of healing in many animal species.  Get great results while allowing a Certified Veterinary Technician to work TOGETHER with you and your veterinarian in formulating a low stress plan to manage your pet's health needs. 

2.  Boarding facilities unfortunately can be a breeding ground for parasites, viruses, and bacteria that may make your pet ill.  By allowing a Certified Veterinary Technician to care for your animals in the comfort of their home it, provides a contaminate-free environment and reduces your pet's health risk.  Geriatric pets are particularly prone to changes in their environment and stressful situations such as a boarding facility may cause adverse effects on their overall health.  We customize every visit to your pet's needs.   

3.  We care for all animals- large, small, and exotic.  Our highly trained professionals always provide the best care no matter the species or size!

4.  Have your home as well as your pets cared for while you are away.  Have a stress free vacation knowing your pets and home is in the excellent care of professionals.  

5. Puppies and kittens who have not received all their vaccinations may not be permitted to board and are at a higher risk.  It is also important for puppies and kittens to have consistency as they are being trained.  Allowing a professional vet tech to come care for your little one in your home will provide the safety and consistency your beloved pet needs.  

6.   Cats often never leave the comfort of their home, except for veterinary visits.  Being caged all day at a boarding facility can cause immense stress, sometimes resulting in stress related health problems.

7.  Leaving town and your pet is sick or injured?  Professional Vet Tech Services is here for you!  We never want our fur kids to become ill, however knowing a certified technician will be caring for your loved one while you are away will allow you to have a stress free trip!

 8.  Horses need love too!  Going out of town and need an experienced equestrian and vet tech to care for your big furry friend?  Rest assured we are well trained in caring for large animals too!  Whether it's exercising or wound care, you can rest assured your horse is in great hands!

9.  We are Certified Veterinary Technicians!