Alison Bokas, DVM



Leaving behind your home and beloved pets when you head out of town is a stressful time.  Add to that, having a dog with chronic health conditions that requires multiple medications, and it makes you almost not want to leave!  Heather has made this process so easy for me many times.  I come home to a happy healthy dog, and my house just as I left it (maybe even cleaner).  I have also had the privilege of working along side Heather for the last 3 years.  I can assure you her nursing skills are high quality and she will always advocate for the best patient care possible.  I have felt completely comfortable with all of my patients in her care and she has performed multiple treatments on my own dog.  You won't regret choosing Heather for your pets home care needs!

Karen H.


Professional Vet Tech Services shows such love and care for my two dogs and their background as Certified Veterinary Technicians is essential to their care.  With two aging Siberian Huskies, each with special needs, kennels were no longer an option. Furthermore, my experience with other pet sitters who do not have their training in vet care proved dangerous to my pets’ care. Often I would find left over seizure pills laying on the floor, as they were mixed with food, detected by my Tricky Nikki, and then spit out.  Clearly, the sitter just left the food out and didn’t pill my dog.  No worries with Professional Vet Tech Services! The meds always go down the hatch…one way or another! Heather is also a true to the Colorado spirit of "leave no trace." She is so courteous with my home and leaves the place so clean! Professional Vet Tech Services, you are a life saver! Thanks for all you've done for Senna and Nikki! We love you! 

Pam G. 


We have used Professional Vet Tech Services several times to pet/house sit for us.  We have the ‘mob’ 3 dogs all under 2 years old, plus 1 blind parrot.  Professional Vet Tech Services makes sure your ‘babies’ are well taken care of and showered with love.   The added bonus is their vet tech skills which means we can leave town and not worry if one of the pets needs medical care.    You can leave on your trip knowing that they will take extra special care of your home and your pets.   We highly recommend them, Heather, the owner, is a special person.

Susan P. 


We love Professional Vet Tech Services!  They have been a life saver over the last couple of years.  I totally trust them and can rest easy that my cats are being well cared for while I'm gone.  They are reliable, dependable and enthusiastic!  Their love for animals is clearly evident.  They always lets me know how things are going when I'm gone and I so appreciate returning to happy cats and clean litter boxes! My cats have been a challenge and they don't hesitate to go above and beyond duties of pet sitting. It is comforting for me to know that they have been in the vet industry for over 15 years and can take care of my cats medical issues if/when necessary. 

For a while,  there was plastic over most of the flooring, as one of the cats was having trouble making it to the litter box in time.  Not liking that, the other cat started spraying, so pads were taped up everywhere.  Professional Vet Tech Services didn't even wince at taking care of all that!  I don't know of anyone else who would have agreed to take of my cats with all these issues going on and all the clean up involved!

I'm happy to report that there is no more plastic needed, but a few pads are still up and there are several litter boxes strategically placed around the house.  Professional Vet Tech Services has made some much appreciated suggestions as they help me work through these issues!

I can not say enough great things about Professional Vet Tech Services.  Before I was fortunate enough to connect with them through my vet's office,  no other pet sitter came close to providing the love and care my cats needed while I was away.

Mark C. 

As one who has used a petsitter/housesitter for over 20 years now, I've gone through several before I found Professional Vet Tech Services.  They are by far the best I've had. They have proven to be extremely reliable, stable, level headed, professional, and caring. Their experience and credentials in the veterinary field are very reassuring, to the point of me never having to worry about my pets when I'm out of town.  They have handled situations that have come up extremely well. I've referred their services to others who also are quite impressed with them. A sitter like them is hard to find and I easily give them five stars